Your Hot Air Balloon Flight


A flight in a hot air balloon is so unlike anything else you will experience in life today. Adventure Balloons provides the opportunity for your first flight by hot air balloon. Over 200 years old, this was how men first took to the skies - hot air ballooning just has to be one of the most romantic ways to fly.

Few can resist the attraction as a hundred feet of wispy nylon majestically rises with the dragon like roar of the burners. And whether you choose a morning or evening flight, the experience will be remembered for years to come!

Ready for take off on your balloon flight

Ready for take off on your balloon flight

Looking up the view is like a stained glass window

Looking up the view is like a stained glass window


There is no sensation of movement, no sensation of rising, rather one of the ground dropping away.

Looking up inside the balloon from the wicker basket, the regular shapes of the colourful panels resemble a vast piece of dome like architecture.

There's just a great feeling of peace and tranquility, heightened by the lack of wind because you are moving with it.

Friends and family are welcome to attend the launch and watch the spectacle of the hot air balloon take off.


Preparation of the balloon for the flight takes an hour including a passenger safety briefing from your pilot, with a similar time after landing to pack the balloon away and then return to the launch site in our retrieve vehicle, so you should allow 3-4 hours for the whole experience.

During the flight the balloon will cover anything from 2 to 20 miles, depending on the strength of the wind on the day. The direction is determined by the wind, and that is one of the many magical qualities of ballooning.

Taking off by balloon from Oxford

Taking off by balloon from Oxford

Flying over Reading

In Flight Photograph over Reading

Hot air balloon flight take off from South Park Oxford

Hot air balloon flight take off from South Park Oxford


The balloon travels at heights of up to 3,000 feet. You may fly over villages, towns and countryside and even view wildlife, particularly on morning flights.

You can take advantage of the excellent vantage point that the supremely steady balloon basket provides for aerial photography.

Our balloons are fitted with "rotation vents" which allow the pilot to occasionally rotate the balloon to provide you with a truly panoramic view as you float through the air.

During the flight the pilot will take an in flight photograph of you in the balloon which you can purchase after the flight.

Flight duration is usually an hour, weather and daylight permitting. We invite you to assist in the preparation of the balloon for the flight and the deflation after if you wish to do so.

After the balloon is packed away the pilot will present the passengers with a flight certificate followed by a celebratory glass of champagne or orange juice toast to the balloon flight. You will then be transported back to the launch site by road.

And more...

Adventure Balloons is also able to cater for any special requirements you may have.

Our hot air balloons can be used to provide an added "lift" to almost any outdoor event, and we can organise balloon flights for groups from your choice of venue.

Balloon ride take off

Three Hot Air Balloons taking off from an event near Stevenage in Hertfordshire

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