Hertfordshire Balloon Flight Locations.

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So why do we need a back-up site for our balloon rides in Hertfordshire?
Adventure Balloons provide hot air balloon rides over Hertforshire from Tring and other locations

The answer to this question is fairly simple - hot air balloons cannot be steered! We go exactly where the wind takes us, and have no control over our speed or direction of travel. Hertfordshire is surrounded by airspace full of passenger jets taking off and landing at Heathrow, Luton and Stanstead. In simple terms, the airspace of these major airports form three sides of a rectangle around the area we want to fly with our Tring take off site at the open end of the rectangle. So, imagine taking off from Tring with the wind blowing towards Heathrow Airport. We would soon be causing some pretty serious problems. With the wind in that direction we would use our other launch site near Aylesbury so that we can fly you in safety.

We cannot say which launch site we will be using on any particular day, until we know which way and how fast the wind is likely to be blowing! We expect our passengers to be prepared to fly from whichever venue is being used that day. With the exception of flights meeting at around evening rush hour, our two sites are within 30 minutes driving time of each other.

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