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Here is the Adventure Balloons Fleet.

Showing our colours

The most recent additions to our fleet this year are our two Lindstrand balloons that both carry 16 passengers and are designed in our house colours. They are 330 cubic feet in volume and can lift nearly two tonnes each.

Working closely with Lindstrand Balloons design chief Simon Forse we have been able to include many new and innovative features in their design. For our passengers this means greater comfort, safety and enjoyment. For us they will provide a much longer life from the special fabrics and materials used in their designs.

Lindstrand hot air balloons
Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons
Toucan Travel Hot Air Balloon
Toucan Travel Hot Air Balloon


The beautiful Toucan Travel balloon is a new aerial promotion tool for the Toucan Travel chain of travel agencies. These shops are based in Hampshire, but the balloon will also fly in the Berkshire and Surrey areas as well as the occasional London flight.

The Toucan bird on the balloon is over 11 metres tall, and appears every year at the Basingstoke Balloon festival in August.

The balloon carries 10 people plus pilot in the latest state of the art basket designed by manufacturers Lindstrand Balloons of Oswestry. It includes special lightweight partitions and seats in the passenger compartments and leather trim throughout, a real Mercedes of the skies!

And yes; the balloon even has a Toucan's head artwork on the top of the balloon.

Have a happy birthday

Meet our Happy Birthday Balloon. Since many people buy a balloon flight as a birthday gift, we thought this would be a great idea for someone who wants to provide the ultimate birthday surprise. Designed to the same colour scheme as our bigger balloons the Happy Birthday balloon even has the registration G-HAPI !

The Happy Birthday Balloon can take up to 4 passengers plus pilot, and can fly from your own venue if it is suitable and there are no airspace restrictions.

The Happy Birthday Balloon has already appeared in several videos and made three flights over London.

For more information about our Happy Birthday Balloon rides Click Here

The Happy Birthday Balloon
The Happy Birthday Balloon
Hot Air Balloons over Tower Bridge
Hot Air Balloons over Tower Bridge

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Toucan Travel Balloon over London
Toucan Travel Balloon over London

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