This year we had a rather unusual job to do in the deepest cold of mid January. The Lindstrand Balloon factory with whom we work closely developing hot air balloon passenger ride balloons needed to test fly a new balloon before it was sent to Turkey. But as they don’t have a big balloon basket lying about they called someone who did. Could we take our balloon basket to Shropshire to the factory on a day in January if the weather allowed to be used underneath the new balloon? With snow over a foot deep across the countryside the long 200 mile drive was made at very short notice when the weather looked good for the following morning, one of those days sandwiched between weeks of awful weather either side.

We all got together at 8am at the balloon test launch site and an hour later this “Turkish” rides balloon was flying over the Shropshire countryside. A very, very lucky window in the weather for the Lindstrand Balloons factory team!

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