When our pilots are flying hot air balloon rides in the UK during the summer months passengers often ask us what we do in the winter when we are not flying. Well here is something we did in the off season in November last year. Every hot air balloon pilot hankers to have a flight in a gas balloon, no burner, riding the winds with just the lift from the helium or if you you prefer hydrogen. We were lucky enough to be able to fly with a German gas balloon club near Dusseldorf and made two flights, one over 100 kilometres and lasting about 6 hours to neighbouring Holland, where in true Dutch childrens’s story style we landed next to a dyke. It’s a truly great way to fly with lots of experiences that differ so much from a hot air balloon flight. If you are interested and want to know more, give our office a call. Flights cost around £250 per person and of course you need to get to Germany too but nevertheless a great adventure by balloon. For more details you can also look at the more detailed information we wrote for a general balloon rides information site

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