Olympic Rings The restricted area over London and the surrounding areas effective from 14th July 2012 until mid September will impact on some of our balloon flights in the areas closest to central London. Our hot air balloon rides in Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey will often require clearance from the special Olympics Air Traffic control authority who will be operating throughout this period. This may be a deciding factor in which take off site is used for each flight but the impact of this on our flights is expected to be small. Please do not call us in advance of the flight as we will only be made aware of any restrictions close to the flight time. When you call our weatherline to check if your flight is going ahead we will give you the necessary information as usual.

Olympic colours in the Adventure Balloons

Of course as one clever customer noticed, our balloons just happen to include the colours of the Olympic Rings in them, Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Green! What a co-incidence. And when it comes to the Olympic torch, our burners put out a much bigger flame!

We have a bigger flame than the Olympic torch

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