Baa Looning Two - The Sequel

Following on from our use of sheep in 2013 to cut our hot air balloon launch site in North Hampshire near Hartley Wintney we have taken the plunge and got a small flock of our own to prepare the site ready for the forthcoming season. This gang of 9 Wiltshire Horns will graze down the grass to get it to a good length to start the balloon season. Last time a flock of 300 visiting sheep soon whittled the grass down in 2 days. This lot will probably take two weeks. Two of them have already been on the BBC News when a reporter did a "piece to camera" outside a nearby establishment that that was hitting the headlines. However they are being a bit coy and won't tell us which two managed to get into the shot. Meanwhile the ride on mower is sulking in it's shed.

Our new flock of 9 Wiltshire Horn sheep

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