With a dozen balloons and a dozen vehicles in our fleet it seems that most months there is a balloon or vehicle that has to have it’s annual “MOT”. In the case of our hot air balloons it is called a C of A or Certificate of Airworthiness. We have balloons of varying sizes so that we can manage customer demand as it varies through the season so now is the time our bigger balloons are starting their flying. With the unsettled weather of May we were not able to find a day for an inspection at a launch site where we can inflate the balloon in a relatively calm wind for the inspector to walk around inside the balloon and check it all over. So the alternative is an inspection in the factory where the balloon envelope is checked over panel by panel by hand. Rather laborious work! So two of our bigger balloons enjoyed a day up to Shropshire to the Lindstrand Balloon factory for their annual inspection and are now ready to fly our passengers.

One of our Happy Birthday Balloons is laid out on the factory floor for it’s annual certificate of airworthiness inspection.

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