McKay Birthday Flight

I am writing to say a big thank you to you and your team for the truly wonderful balloon flight that our extended family enjoyed on 21 September.

We were obviously truly blessed with the weather that weekend. Having booked the flight with a non-refundable deposit nearly six months earlier, I spent the summer thinking that our chances of flying would be very low - so it was a joy that we could go ahead on the day. Given the complications and different locations of all the family members, we knew it was that weekend or never for us.

As you may recall, three of the group were very nervous about taking the flight, and I appreciated the mixture of serious guidance and humour in the initial briefing, which I think helped to provide appropriate reassurance for them. I think it also helped having some small jobs to do at the beginning. The flight itself was a true delight, and one that will live in our memories for a long time to come. A special thanks must go to the pilot of the other balloon, John, for his lack of coordination with you, which provided some good entertainment but also helped to extend our whole trip by about 45 minutes - for both of which we were very grateful! The various on-off attempted landings added to the adventure and fun. A surprise for us all was the truly effortless landing, without the hint of a bump - very impressive. We also appreciated all being involved in helping to pack up the balloon after we'd landed: this made for a great team experience for us as a family, and added to the fun. And of course by this time the three nervous ones had all relaxed, and had been able to enjoy the second half of the flight without fear (the rest of us enjoyed every single moment).

We also appreciated the fact that the champagne celebration at the end was with real champagne, and not a sparkling wine masquerading as one. Thank you for not cutting corners there. And additionally the children and my father really appreciated the mugs that you gave them as freebies: a lovely gesture, as I know its merchandise you normally look to sell!

We've had my father to stay a couple of times since the balloon trip, and he continues to rave about the trip, and to say what a wonderful experience it was. So thank you for making his 70th birthday celebrations an event that will live long in our memories.

Our only complaint relates to the instructions for finding the launch site: the instructions and map for this could have been much better, especially for people like us who don't know Oxford at all. But we found you eventually, to our relief!

Finally, thank you too for the various photos you sent through the next week, all of which we received safely. As you said, the funniest is the one where no one is looking at the camera at all!

We certainly have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending a trip with Adventure Balloons.

With very best wishes to you and the whole team

Alastair McKay

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